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Does A4Desk have trial version of Flash music player?

Yes. We offer a free trial of our service, where you can download the evaluation copy from

How is the trial version different from the registered one?

The trial version offers almost every feature and function of the product for you to test-drive. The only difference is the presence of 'Demo-only' button, as well as the limitation on time and number of songs in trial version.

Some software in the market only give 30-day trial period to test the features. Is there any time limit of the trial period?

There is no time limit of the trial period.

We are an American underground rock band and have released our first album recently. We would like our fans to purchase our album, after listening to the songs in our official site. How do I protect my music from being copied in our site?

flash web mp3 playerNormal users may find it technically challenging and difficult to download the songs from our music player, while it is possible that advanced users utilize some third party downloaders to get the songs from the cache folders. Since web visitors can steal/download the online files in various ways, it is recommended to trim/cut or even lower the sound quality of the songs so that people are less willing to download them. Once your clients place the order, you can send them the complete songs manually.

My friend wanna put his entire CDs collection to the music player. His question is whether he can create sub folders and store the songs in a specific album.

Yes, and it can be easily done. He can create music folders containing only the songs related to a particular album or artist.

I wanna add an image for each music track. Is is possible to do that?

Yes. Some of the music player skins feature an image insertion area, for you to add images or album cover artwork associated with the songs easily.

The free trial only allows me to add a few songs, with 8 seconds for each. My question is, how many songs I can add to the music player, and is there any time limit of my music track after I purchase a license?

There won't be any time limit on your music track after registration, and you can feel free to add unlimited number of songs.

I don't have any Flash editing knowledge, is it necessary for me to create a music player?

A4Desk Flash Music Player is for non technical users, no matter how novice they are in the field of Flash editing. With the easiest-to-use interface, anyone can add songs, create album and upload a music player in a matter of minutes.

What kind of music format(s) do(es) the music player support?

MP3 format is supported.

What kinds of player skins are available? I want to use the attractive skin to lure web visitors.

We offer a wide selection of template skins such as iPod and Jukebox styles, which can surely enrich your website with the vivid Flash animation.

How can I use my PayPal account to sell music?

The player features a PayPal link generator for adding a purchase link in [BUY] button, the procedure only involves a few mouse click. What you need to do is to register a PayPal account, then type in the account number, product name, price and currency in the music player , finally a PayPal link is generated.

I want to distribute church, christian and religious music to other believers free of charge, does this music player offer capability for them to download songs directly from the site?

Yes, some players allow you to add a hyperlink link to each track. After uploading the songs to the server, you can add the download link of the songs for others to get them instantly.

How about adding a lyric page for my songs?

The answer is similar to the previous question. Users can add a hyperlink for each song and direct visitors to the page showing song lyrics.

How much is A4Desk Flash music player?

For pricing details, you can check at our official site.

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