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Quickly embed music player in an easy way
Flash Music Player software
A4Desk Flash Music Player is an all-in-one software that creates interactive Flash music player.
  • Create and add a MP3 music player to your website with just a few mouse clicks
  • Placing your MP3 player on your website, in CDROM or as a stand alone application for local PC
  • Play MP3 files on local websites, or load from other websites via HTTP
  • SELL your music online. Easily add a [BUY] button, which links to a payment page (such as PayPal), for user to buy your music right after they listen to your sample track.
  • XML-driven - Advance users can edit music entries directly using any text editor, or even generate play list dynamically using scripts.
  • Professional music player skins
  • No Flash knowledge, coding skill is required to make music player
  • Protect your music from being copied
  • Easily embed the music player into your existing HTML page / layout
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A4Desk Flash Music Player

Add an interactive MP3 music player to your website/CDROM in minutes! No coding.

Latest Version : v4.10
File Size : 3.66MB
Released On : 09th Dec 2013
OS Requirement :
Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7
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Flash Music Player Skins



Cyber Blue


User-friendly Flash Music Player Maker
easy software
make a music player

Easy tool for all users, no flash or coding skills is required. Creates Flash MP3 player for your website and CDROM in minutes.
Simple Steps to Create Flash Music Player and add MP3 music to website
Select music player template, import MP3 files, enter song details, publish to HTML, and it is ready to place on your website.
Display different thumbnail images for each MP3 Song while playing
Associate pictures of artist/singer or album cover with each MP3 song in the flash music player
Create links to associate music websites using Link Buttons
Create up to 3 buttons on the player to link to your favorite websites.
Flash Music Player Skins - Easily add a MP3 music player to your website

Bar-Style White

Black Pod

Blue Pod

Mini Silver

Mini Black

Brown Jukebox

Black Jukebox

White Jukebox

Blue Jukebox
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Flash Music Player FAQ:
- Case Study of Flash Music Player
- How to add music to website?
- How to add video to website?
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