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+ Welcome to A4Desk Music Player
+ Getting Started
  System requirements
  Downloading and Installing the A4Desk Music Player
  Purchasing a valid license
  Starting A4Desk Music Player
  Take a tour
+ Using A4Desk Music Player
  Creating a New Project
  Opening and Editing existing projects
  Refreshing and Previewing your player
  Publishing & Uploading a Player
  How to embed a music player
to your site
  How to embed more than one music player to your site
  Embedding a Flash music player into Joomla
  Embedding a Flash music player into Yahoo! SiteBuilder
  Embedding a Flash music player into Microsoft Expression Web
  Embedding a Flash music player into Drupal
  Embedding a Flash music player into Blogger/Blogspot
  Embedding a Flash music player into WordPress Blog
  Installing a New Player Skin
  Setting Button Links
  Setting Player Options
  Music Player

User Guide



Thank you for purchasing the A4Desk Music Player. We hope this help manual will be of good use to you. Go through the help and familiarize with the software so that you can use the A4Desk Music Player to its optimum performance.

What it does

The A4Desk Music Player will enable you to create one or more interactive Flash Music Players and place it on your website without any coding knowledge of Flash. You can also place the music player on a CDROM or use it as a stand alone application.

Overall features and benefits

  • Create a MP3 player with just a few mouse clicks

  • Play MP3 files on local websites, or load from other websites via HTTP

  • Is XML-driven - Advance users can edit music entries directly using any text editor, or even generate play list dynamically using scripts.

  • Offers a variety of professional music player skins

  • No Flash knowledge, coding skill is required

  • Protect your music from being copied

  • Easily embed the music player into your existing HTML page / layout

  • No need of purchasing Flash or flash associated software.

Target audience

Webmasters or anyone wanting to have a music player on their websites.


After registering A4Desk Flash Music Player software suite, you will get:

  • A4Desk Flash Music Player skin sets
    ( All DEMO message, WATERMARKS, TOTAL SONG LIMITS and PLAYING TIME LIMITS will be removed )

  • Free upgrade to new version when released

  • Instant download link will be sent to your email a/c after registration
    (please use a non-free email a/c to avoid any delay)



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