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User Guide

Setting Button Links

You can add additional buttons to your music player that can let your user navigate to a website or page when the user clicks on them. Up to three buttons can be added on the music player.

Note:  All players do not support adding of buttons. Only the first four templates in the Screen dialog support addition of buttons.

To create or set button links

  1. Open an existing project file (*.ppl) or create a project file and keep it open.

  2. On the Tabbed panel select the Button Links tab. The fields of the tab are displayed as shown below.

To create or set button links

Note: By default details for the three buttons are already filled in. These point to other related A4Desk products. However you can change the buttons and their related URL's to one of your choice.

  1. To create one or more buttons enter a brief description (max 9 characters) in the Button Text field for a button and then in the URL field enter the website address you would like the user to be taken to on clicking the button. If you would like to insert a PayPal link, you can first register a PayPal account and add the paypal link. Here is the sample PayPal text link:

    You can edit the following parameters in the link:


  2. To enable the display of the button on the player check the Show this button in player checkbox.

  3. The player is refreshed to display the button(s) added to it.

  4. Click Save from the File menu or the Save Save Button button on the Toolbar to save the details.

To add purchase link using PayPal link generator (for template mp002 and mp017 only)

Template mp002 and mp017 allows you to add a purchase link to each song, it features a PayPal purchase link generator for you to add links easily.

1. Select the song in album, and click [PayPal link] button

add paypal purchase link

2. After you registered a PayPal account, type in all the neccessary information in text field and click [OK]

generate paypal link

3 When the client clicks the [Purchase] button, they will be redirected to the payment page to submit payment.

purchase song

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