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User Guide

Publishing & Uploading a Player

To publish a player on a website you need to create the associated HTML files. Music player can do this in a snap.

To publish & Upload a player

  1. Open an existing project file (*.ppl) or create a project file and keep it open.

  2. From the File menu select Publish (Speedkey - Shft+F12) or click the Publish Publish Button button on the Toolbar. The default folder where the related files of the player are to be published is displayed in the Select Folder dialog.

Select Folder Dialog

  1. Browse and Navigate to the folder where you would like to publish the player. You can also create a new folder using the Create New button.

  2. Click OK to publish. The following Window is displayed.


  1. Fill in the FTP information by clicking on Ftp Setting (see the figure below), click OK after finishing the fill-in.

    The Default Host Directory field should be filled with the default folder name for upload files. Usually it is named as "public_html". If you are not sure the folder name, you can empty this field.


Note: The FTP settings (login name, password and default folder for upload files) are provided by your web hosting company upon signup.

  1. Click Upload on the Publishing Window, please wait until the status bar is fully loaded. You can change the remote folder if necessary.


  1. You will see a message "Upload Complete" on the popup box, with a URL of your website for you to view your website online instantly. If the URL is not correct, you can also change the URL setting manually.


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