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A4Desk Flash Music Player

If you are interested in using A4Desk Flash Music Player by multiple users in your company, organizations and education institutions, the multiple user license option is suitable for you. Multiple user license is available for Unlimited Template access plan at discounted prices. This provides a simple and affordable solution to creates interactive Flash music player in your team without coding, and you could save from purchasing expensive Flash editing software suite.

Pricelist for multiple user license
Number of licenses Price per license(Studio Pack)
2-5 $62.96
6-10 $55.96
11-20 $48.97
21-50 $41.97
51-100 $38.47
101-200 $34.98
200+ Please contact us for pricing.

A free, licensed copy of A4Desk Flash Music Player software in CD-ROM, and we will deliver the CD to you free.

To place your multiple user license order, please contact us. We will contact you to discuss your licensing needs.

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