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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is A4Desk Flash Music Player?
    A4Desk Flash Music PlayerA4Desk Flash Music Player is software that creates interactive Flash music player. You can place the Flash music player on your own website for visitors to listen to your music. You can import your music under different category for visitors to select which one they want to listen. Please click here for more information.

    If you are interested in adding video to your website, check out A4Desk Flash Video Player
  2. Do I need a PayPal account if I choose PayPal to pay for the software/service?
    You do not need a PayPal account as PayPal also accepts credit or debit cards.
    When you reach PayPal from our registration page,
    please take note to the option "Don't have a PayPal account" towards the bottom of the right pane.
    Clicking on that link would lead you to the form to enter your debit or credit card details.

    (Note: You may be shown a different language version of this page, depending on your browser settings but the context is similar)

    paypal account is not required for payment
  3. How to add a music player to my web site / embed the A4Desk Flash Music Player to HTML?
    After you have created your own Flash music player and the song list, please click the "Publish" button and publish to your website folder. Open the page in the same folder you want to embed Music Player, with your webpage editing software, e.g. Dreamweaver. Insert Music Player as a Flash object and save your webpage.
  4. I saw a grey border frame with the message "Click to activate and use this control" when I roll my mouse over my Music Player. How to remove them from my Music Player?

    You can follow our instructions of embedding A4Desk Flash Music Player which removes the grey border frame:

    You can also use our free tool, A4 Flash Easy Coder, which fix this problem instantly and automatically:

  5. What is the maximum number of MP3 songs I can import?
    There is no limitation on the number of MP3 songs. However, you may have to aware whether your web hosting server have enough space to upload them all.
  6. Any restriction on filename for mp3 and image file?
    Your file names can contain only upper- or lowercase letters (a-z), numbers(0-9), underscores, dashes
  7. I have problem in uploading to my server, it reports 11004 error code?
    This may be your ftp information is incorrect, please check with your web hosting company.
    For 11004 error code, it should be you type in http:// or ftp:// in Ftp Host field, please remove the http:// or ftp://.
    The server should look like or
  8. Why my musicplayer play 20 seconds for each song and limit to total 8 songs?
    This is because you are using the demo musicplayer template, the registered version of musicplayer template will remove all demo messages, with no song limit and play music in full length.

    Please visit our registration page for more details:
  9. I already purchased a valid license, why the music player still have restriction?
    This may because you are opening the project created from demo version of A4Desk Flash Music Player, please load your project in registered version of A4Desk Flash Music Player, select File > Update player in project, the project will update with your registered copy of template.
  10. Can the visitors of my website download the MP3 file?
    A4Desk Flash Music Player only support playing of the music files, no download function is available.
  11. How can I change another Music player skin?
    Please click "Player" button on the toolbar, and select "Change Skin".
  12. Is A4Desk Flash Music Player compatible with Frontpage or Dreamweaver?
    The Flash music player is in SWF format, and it can only be edited using A4Desk Flash Music Player software. You can use Frontpage or Dreamweaver to edit the HTML page content which the player was embedded in.
  13. Why I am not able to use Player Options and Button Links sometimes?
    This is because you have chosen a mini player skin. Due to the size of mini player, some features like Button Links are not available in these skins.
  14. Does A4Desk Flash Music Player support the Mac OS?
    A4Desk Flash Music Player is a Windows software only. However, the published files are readable in any browsers from Windows, Mac OS or Linux which supports the latest Adobe Flash player.
  15. How do I know if I have installed Adobe Flash Player?
    You can check with your Flash player versions by following this link:
  16. How do I get Flash player if I don't have one?
    For Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox users, it will prompts you automatically to install Adobe Flash Player. Simply follow the on-screen instructions for installation.
    If you are using other browsers, you can get one from Adobe's website.
  17. Can I view the Music Player without the HTML file?
    Yes. Music player can work as a stand alone flash file and view it without the HTML file, you can upload published files online, and call music player from a link, for example:

    If you want to view it offline, you can drag the "mp3player.swf" in your published files to your browser window.
  18. Why my song becomes slower when playing in A4Desk Flash Music Player?
    In Flash, sound can only be sampled in the rate of 44.1KHz, 22.050KHz, 11.025KHz, 8KHz and 5.512KHz.
    If your MP3 file is using a higher sample rate (e.g. 48KHz), its speed maybe affected after Flash's auto compression.

    For more details, please refer to the topic "Sound formats" on Adobe's website:

  19. How can I put the player on my existing web page?

    Please refer to our User Guide: "How to embed a music player to your site" for step-by-step instruction with screenshots.

  20. How to add more than one A4Desk Flash Music Player on my site, each in a different web page?

    Publish each music player to different folders. The published files structure should be as follows:



    ... and so on ...

    You can edit the HTML document "musicplayer.htm" in each folder, like adding more content to it or rename it as you like. If you have web pages already built, you can embed the players into its respective page and place the existing webpage inside the same folder of the player. For embedding a player into an existing web page, please refer to the User Guide.

  21. How to add more than one A4Desk Flash Music Player in one web page?

    Please refer to our User Guide: "How to embed more than one music player to your site " for step-by-step instruction with screenshots.

  22. I am a user of A4Desk / A4DeskPro Flash Website Builder. How can I link the music player to my Flash site?

    You can link the music player to the Flash site using a link within the content text area or as a link in menu item.

    Please take a look at the examples:
    - A4Desk sample site
    - A4DeskPro sample site

    Steps on how to link the music player to the Flash site:

    For A4Desk user, please click here for more details.
    For A4DeskPro user, please click here for more details.

  23. How can I re-download the registered software after formatting my computer?

    Please request your download link again using our order tracking form at

  24. Why some of my music players still show the "Demo" button and watermark, although I have purchased A4Desk Flash Music Player?

    Please make sure the music player template you are using is included in the package you bought. You can refer to the Registration page for more details.

    If the project was edited by trial version before, simply select "files-->update player in project" in the main menu so that the demo button will be removed.

  25. How can I add a Flash Music Player to my blog?

    You can upload the following published files to the server:

    Then paste the following embed code under HTML view of your blog, and replace with your own domain:

    <object classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000"
    codebase=",0,115,0" width="450" height="172">
    <param name="movie" value="">
    <param name="quality" value="best">
    <param name="menu" value="false">
    <param name="wmode" value="transparent">
    <param name="base" value="">
    <embed base="" src="" quality="best" wmode="transparent" menu="false"
    type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="450" height="172">

  26. My Question is not listed...
    We are always looking to improve our service, so if your question is not listed here, make sure you Contact Us, so that we can provide you with a valuable answer to all required questions.


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